This Is Us


g2Coach is for women frustrated with being invisible and undervalued at work and in business. Women who know that they are destined for more. Women looking for space from pleasing others to exhale and tap into our own soul’s desire.

g2Coach provides content that inspires, courses that transform, coaches who empower, and a community that connects you to a tribe of ambitious women eager to support one another.

Our sole purpose is to help women reach their full potential and place self-care on par with their ambition.

About Cheryle

Cheryle Robinson Jackson’s career has been marked by many firsts, spanning international business, civil rights, politics, government, not-for-profit and the media. Jackson is CEO and Founder of Grit and Grace, The Movement, a women’s empowerment, coaching and media company she founded in 2018. Until 2019, she served as Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and President of AAR Africa for AAR, a global aviation services company.

Prior to AAR, Jackson was a candidate for President Obama’s once‐vacant U.S. Senate seat in 2010 and was the first female president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League. She also served as communications director for the Governor of Illinois. Her professional experience also includes senior level positions at Amtrak and NPR (National Public Radio).

In her intimate TEDx Talk “Grit and Grace,” Cheryle validates the career trajectories of go-getters like herself but also implores women to self-advocate and practice grace, love in action toward self, as a sustainable model of success. The overwhelming response led Cheryle to consider ways to serve women on a broader scale with Grit and Grace, The Movement, and g2Coach, which provides access to coaching, conferences, events and content to inspire and empower women.

“Grit + Grace…one won’t let you give up and the other makes it OK to let go.”

Meet Our Coaches

Melanie Foote-Davis helps women enhance their performance and potential by making space for themselves. Melanie is a Best Selling Author, Self-Love Cultivator and Self-Care Coach. She arms successful, driven women with the tools to unapologetically say, ‘Yes’ to themselves, ‘Yes’ to their heart’s desires and ‘Yes’ to living a radically bold and courageous life. She is most recognized for her gentle, yet no nonsense approach to leading women to breakthroughs that position them for lifelong success without compromising their well-being. She is often a featured guest on TV, radio and print media outlets.

Melanie Foote-Davis

Tami Chapek is a leadership and career coach who helps women lead, regardless of title or tenure, to stretch beyond their current level and amplify their influence and impact. Tami’s unique approach to coaching empowers women to identify and reach professional and leadership goals, overcome barriers to success, and own their leadership development and career advancement. Tami has 20 years of corporate experience in team and individual coaching, strategy, and marketing and advertising. She holds several professional coaching certifications through the ICF, CPC, ELI-MP and iPEC

Tami Chapek

Michelle Robinson McKissack is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, communication strategist and coach, and public speaker who made a career pivot from a 15-year broadcast career to elected official as a School Board Commissioner at the local and national level.

Michelle McKissack

Paulina is a branding and digital marketing consultant who helps entrepreneurs and home-based business owners successfully launch an online presence that will allow them to attract high-quality prospects via social media. With more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce selling over $1 million in product, Paulina specializes in lead generation, niche marketing, social media branding and system automation.

Paulina Panszych