Cheryle Robinson Jackson has experienced many firsts in a career that spans international business, civil rights, politics, government, nonprofit and media. A senior aviation executive and a rare woman of color in that position, Cheryle sits on the boards of the Business Council for International Understanding, the Corporate Council on Africa, and the Illinois District Export Council. She also serves on the Congressional Black Caucus Policy Institute.

Cheryle is known as a real go-getter. Prior to joining AAR, she ran for President Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat in 2010 after serving as the first female president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League. She also served as communications director for an Illinois governor and in senior-level positions at Amtrak and NPR (National Public Radio).

In her intimate TEDx Talk “Grit and Grace,” Cheryle validates the career trajectories of go-getters like herself but also implores women to self-advocate and practice grace, love in action toward self, as a sustainable model of success. The overwhelming response led Cheryle to consider ways to serve women on a broader scale. Hence, she has developed Grit + Grace as a professional and personal resource for women to inspire confidence to self-advocate and take charge of their success without sacrificing personal well-being and fulfillment.