I’m so glad you dropped by to learn more about g2Coach. I know the fight you’re in to advance your career. It takes grit to pursue your highest potential and grace to take care of yourself along the way. As women, we need equal doses of both to live a soul-led life that fuels our highest ambitions.

g2Coach is here for all of that. Whether you’re new to the game and looking to grow or you’ve been in it for a minute and wondering what’s next, we provide courses, coaches and community to help you gain clarity, confidence, and a game plan to walk in your brilliance and be fully in charge of your career.

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g2Coach is here to help you next-level your career right up to the C-suite; transition into a new career without taking a paycut, or add a new skill without going back to school. And most importantly, help you to get clear about the work that sets your soul on fire and to map a path to that.


Whether you’re a full-time entrepreneur or you’re ready to launch a side-hustle, being your own boss not only takes moxie but a hellified brand. A strong brand is anchored in the soul of you or your company. g2Coach takes you from soul to strategy.


We know. You want to work in your purpose and have impact. Sometimes what pays the bills may not be what drives your passion. Life’s too short and you’re way too brilliant for that. g2Coach is here to help you get crystal clear about your purpose and how to work in it full time or as a passion project that evolves over time.


You can only help others by helping yourself. That’s why they instruct you on the plane to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. g2Coach focuses on self-care for high-achieving women. Self-care and high achiever may sound like a oxymoron, but not to us. We’re here to help you put self-care on par with your ambition to increase performance.